A yummy new recipe...


So Christopher and i made this fabulous dish last night. Probably the last time we will fire up the grill until we move and because Sunday will be our first freeze. :-(

So i wanted everyone to be able to try. It was really easy and so delicious!

1 fennel bulb
2 limes
12 prepared scallops
1 egg yolk
6 tbsp melted butter
olive oil for brushing
salt and pepper

1. trim any feathery leaves from the fennel and
reserve them. slice the bulb lenghways into thin

2. cut one lime into wedges. finely grate the rind and
squeeze the juice of the other lime and toss half the
juice and rind onto the scallops. Season will with
salt and pepper.

3. place the yolk and remaining lime rind and juice in
a small bowl and whisk until pale and smooth

4. gradually whisk in the melted butter and continue
whisking unil thick and smooth. finely chop the
reserved fennel leaves and stir them in, with salt and
pepper to taste.

5. Brush the fennel wedges with olive oil and cook
them on a hot bbq for 3-4 minutes turning once.

6. add the scallops and cook for 3-4 minutes more,
turning once. Serve immediately with the lime and
fennel butter and lime wedges.


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